Public Relations – Media Committee

The public relations – media coordinator’s role is responsible for actively reaching out to local magazines, newspapers, radio and television to highlight and schedule stories on Stuff the Sleigh and the cause.

Public Relations – Media

Many of these magazines need to be contacted now so that they can schedule stories and interviews on Stuff the Sleigh. For example, Katy Magazine said that they would do a premier piece on Stuff the Sleigh for their holiday issue this year, but we need to contact them immediately to ensure they will do it for this year.

Examples of past media coverage has included:
Absolutely Katy The Rancher
Katy Magazine Katy Sun
Houston Chronicle All Houston TV Stations (especially Channels 2, 13, 26)
Katy Times Yahoo!

The committee will also be responsible for scheduling interviews and media coverage for the day of the actual event. Lastly, the coordinator will help to issue press releases out to the public about 6 weeks and then about 3 weeks prior to the event.