Hospital – Patient Relations Committee

The hospital – patient relations committee is responsible for working closely with the head of public and donor relations as well as the social workers for Texas Children’s Hospital West Houston hospital. This person will work with these groups at Texas Children’s Hospital to coordinate with the kiddos that and their families that are going to participate in Stuff the Sleigh. This person gauges how many people are going to attend and works closely with the fundraising committee to make sure we have plenty of corporate and individual donors to cover the kiddos in attendance.

Hospital – Patient Relations

This year, we would like to also create an “application” of sorts for these families. This way, we can begin to formally track the individuals and their families who are attending and who have attended in the past. We also want to ensure that there is no abuse of Stuff the Sleigh by families and this “application” will help ensure this does not happen, by cross referencing the applications with verification from the social workers and the public/donor relations people at TCH.

We would love for this committee to really build and grow the relationship with the hospital throughout the year. We would like to expand this to help not only TCH – West Campus, but also formally help TCH in the Medical Center and their satellite locations. In previous years because we have grown so much, we have also been able to help their Medical Center location as well as others such as TCH – Cypress. We would like to formally work to grow to help kiddos at these locations, while ensuring an organized system for accepting kiddos into Stuff the Sleigh.

Lastly, we have a corporate sponsor whose daughter is a child cancer survivor and she was a Houston Texans cheerleader. We would love for this group to coordinate with the event committee to see if Stuff the Sleigh could have some events with the Houston Texans cheerleaders to come to Texas Children’s and pay a visit to the kiddos at the hospital throughout the year. There are a ton of ideas like this that we can all explore and find ways to grow our participation and relationship with Texas Childrens.