Event Committee

This is a really important and fun committee to work on. After we raise all of the funds, we then have a very special, private event for the kiddos, their siblings and their parents of Stuff the Sleigh. We have traditionally had this at the community center here in Firethorne.

Event Committee

It is a very festive event. We have Christmas music playing, we have photographers that take pictures of the kiddos and their families (sadly, for many this is their only and last happy family picture they get to take) and then mail those family photos to the families before Christmas as a Christmas gift, have the event catered by Chuy’s and then have Santa read the story of Christmas. Here, after the celebration, we deliver gifts to the families, along with Bibles, teddy bears and other items as they leave the Stuff the Sleigh event.

We need people to help with organizing and leading the event. We need help with people coordinating with Santa, with the photographers, getting all of the volunteers and sponsors to attend (only 1-2 people per big sponsor can attend b/c of germs), Chuy’s for the catering, sending out directions to the families of Stuff the Sleigh, coordinating to have a police officer at the event, then also labeling and organizing all of the Christmas gift bags for the Stuff the Sleigh kiddos and families.

This year, we have entertained having The Commons band play Christmas music and involving the kids a bit more where they actually sing Christmas carols. We want to find a way to get the kids a bit more involved this year without being physically active or interacting too much with others (germs). Singing Christmas carols could be one way.

We really need help with this event. This committee really starts to get active in October and then fires up in November.